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For over 88 years, The Evanston School Children’s Clothing Association has served our community with the motto: “No Evanston child should miss a single day of school for need of warm, sturdy clothing.” In 1930, Evanston school superintendent James Skiles asked school physician Mary Baird to investigate why large numbers of children in the city were absent from school. After conferring with the visiting nurse and truancy officer, Baird concluded that children were missing school because of a lack of clothing, especially shoes. With these findings, local parent-teacher associations enlisted support and in 1931 founded the Evanston School Children’s Aid Society to help clothe Evanston’s children in need. Eighty-eight years, two name changes and five location changes later, ESCCA is still providing children with clothing for school.
Over the years we have had our headquarters for sorting and distributing clothing at various Evanston elementary schools, as well as in the coachhouse of the old District 65 property on Asbury. Since 2002, we have been thrilled to operate our beautiful clothing center from the District headquarters at 1500 McDaniel in Evanston.

We have clothed thousands of children with the help of countless volunteers and contributors. Through the generations ESCCA has evolved, while our mission and support has remained steadfast. We invite and encourage you to help us in any way you can.

2022-2023 OFFICERS


Presidents: Elaine Darer and Alli Hackney
1st Vice President: Mary Cox School/Org Chair Liaison
2nd Vice President: Kelly Siddiqui, Facilities/Wed Sort
3rd Vice President: Diane Wright, Recipient Scheduling
Treasurer: Susan Powell           
Recording Secretary: Julie Doyle



Sally Lynch - Shoe Buyer
Carolyn Myszkowski - Volunteer Liaison
Kathy Maljaei - Fundraising
Mara Siler-Price - Fundraising
Regina Stonebraker - Digital Communications
Sharon Enochs - Funds Controller
Susan Roche - Publicity
Madeleine Cusick - Facilities Assistant
Enid Shapiro - Purchasing (coats and jeans)
Erin Haggerty - Purchasing (coats and jeans)
Allison Gordon - Purchasing (athleisure)
Linnea Mead - Volunteers (supervisors, asst supervisors)
Laura Hohnhold - Recipient Scheduling
Diane Kastman - Recipient Scheduling
Emily Erickson - Health Clerk Liaison
Tracy Gallun - Member at Large
Debbie Singer - Member at Large
Jennifer Reddick - Member at Large

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